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Our in-person Depression and Bipolar support groups are open to the public, free of charge, and help members to heal.

Feeling depressed and looking for mental health support?

We decrease isolation and offer compassion and understanding.

We offer 3 weekly support groups in the Cleveland area.

Social hour following group.

Welcome and Join Us!

In-person Depression and Bipolar Support Group

Are you a first time member? To attend our support groups fill out this short form to register.

Thank You. Come Join Us!

The Benefits of Joining DBWA Cleveland's
Support Groups
  • You’re welcome to share your struggles without judgment and receive compassion
  • To know you’re not alone is priceless
  • Build friendships that extend beyond the group setting
  • We provide the hopeful message that recovery is possible
  • You can learn a lot about your mental illness
  • You’ll decrease isolation and find peers that understand
  • Our support groups are free of charge
  • We take a gentle stand against stigma
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