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In-person Support Group

Depression and Bipolar
Wellness Alliance Cleveland

The Depression and Bipolar Wellness Alliance is a Cleveland based nonprofit organization started to provide hope, help, and support to improve the lives with mental illness. DBWA pursues and accomplishes this mission through peer-based, recovery-oriented support and educational services. Community education is essential to dispel the myths surrounding mental illness. 


We offer free, safe, compassionate support groups that assist members to move from illness to wellness and recovery.

In need of community mental health services?


Struggling with Depression or Bipolar Disorder?


DBWA Cleveland offers in-person support groups and virtual meetings with zoom.





Our Mission
  • To empower those suffering from mental illness 


  • Provide the hopeful message that recovery is possible


  • Educate the public


  •   To take a gentle stand against stigma

Our vision is one of hope. Together we strive for wellness and recovery. We seek to decrease isolation and promote unity, to decrease stigma and promote advocacy and to foster an environment filled with compassion. 

Our Mission

"Life Changing..."
Group members share their personal experiences of attending our support groups. Here are their Testimonials...

"I have been coming to these support groups for years. The leaders provide a comfortable atmosphere. DBWA Cleveland changed my life." - scott

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